Quality data for everyone

AQA’s automatic data quality testing puts you in control of testing your data. With AQA, you’re minutes away from confident decisions based on clean data.

Find the errors

Eliminate the time taken developing test plans then executing lengthy, laborious tests. The first time you upload your tabular data, AQA automatically analyzes it and generates a full set of rules. AQA then automatically runs a comprehensive suite of tests, applying the rules. Any errors in the data are flagged for attention and often correction.

What AQA tests

AQA uses powerful machine analytics to automatically test your tabular data across six core aspects, each designed to find a wide range of data error types.


Is the table the right width and length?


Is expected data missing altogether?


Does duplicate data exist?


Are the text values as expected?


Are the numeric values in range?


Are the dates within range and correctly formatted?

Configure your rules

Need to adjust AQA’s recommended rules set or add new rules? With AQA, it’s simple both to create new rules and adjust or tune existing rules. Get the accuracy or sensitivity you need and catch just the errors that count. You’re in control from the first click.

Explore quality over time

AQA makes it easy to spot quality trends for your data sets. See how quality improves over time as AQA automatically finds any errors and you have the opportunity to correct them, improving data quality at the source.

Add new data sources

More than one data source to test? No problem. Our AQA Starter and Team Editions let you manage and test multiple data sources and identify wider patterns and trends in data quality; all while maximizing your testing coverage and building data trust.

AQA ensures data security

Select AQA with the confidence that your data is secure

Secure hosting

Cloud-hosted service with secure-by-design infrastructure and application security

Encrypted keys

Only you can access your AQA data with generated customer-unique AES-256 encryption

Full coverage

AQA uses confidential computing to ensure your data is encrypted at rest, in transit and in use

Get started

Make sure the data you use and share is clean by creating your free AQA account today

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