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AQA Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions commonly asked about AQA

Do I need a credit card to sign up for the Free Edition?
No credit card is required for the Free Edition!
Is there a trial version of AQA?
Yes, You can use your Free Edition to try AQA for 1 month. All features are available to try before you consider upgrading to the Professional Edition or Department Edition.
Can I upgrade from the Free Edition to either the Professional or Department Edition?
Yes, you can upgrade within AQA from the Free Edition to the Professional or Department Edition.
What different payment plans do you offer?
For both Professional and Department Editions, you have a choice of paying annually in advance or paying month-to-month.
Will AQA test my spreadsheet?
AQA is designed to test data from a single table, either from a CSV file, or from an Excel sheet.
What is a data source?
A data source is the original system or store from which your uploaded data was exported.
Can I load fresh data from my data source?
Yes, you can export the latest data from your data source and upload that to AQA. The fresh data will be evaluated using the currently defined rules for that source.

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